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Import and export agent for building materials, including mining equipment, ship parts, auto parts, medical equipment, household appliances, meters, manufacturing machinery
Parts of the processing, including the production of blanks, as well as the blank for a variety of mechanical processing, special processing and heat treatment, making it a qualified part of the proce
Advanced technology, high-quality crude oil, the world famous brand! By the United States, the European automotive lubricants quality testing certification, product quality, naturally recognized.
    Qingdao DaKaiyuan International Trade Co Ltd.
 Qingdao DaKaiyuan International Trade Co., Ltd. is located in Shandong Peninsula blue economic zone planning core region leading city-Qingdao, the geographical location is superior.
 Qingdao DaKaiyuan International Trading Company is a comprehensive trading company specializing in the import and export of machinery and equipment. Since its establishment in March 2016, our company has been committed to providing our customers with machinery and equipment of reasonable price and excellent quality.
 Our main machinery equipment, mechanical and electrical equipment, environmental protection equipment, instrumentation, electronic products, medical devices, auto parts, mobile panel room. The company maintains a high degree of close cooperation with Singapore Weili Group and Shandong Weiqiao Group, and is responsible for its domestic and foreign procurement needs, and has become a trusted long-term partner between the two groups. Qingdao DaKaiyuan International Trade Co., Ltd., adhering to the integrity, pragmatic, efficient concept, strive to achieve win-win with customers.



Qingdao DaKaiyuan International Trade Co., Ltd.
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Qingdao DaKaiyuan International Trade Co., Ltd. was established in 2016, mainly engaged in department stores. Refined oil, machinery and equipment, metal building materials, building materials,